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Things We Desperately Need:

     MONEY FOR VETERINARY CARE - this is a major need as we incur extraordinary veterinary bills for care i.e.                             spay/neuter, shots, wound care, emergency care, worming, etc.

     CAPSTAR FOR CATS - we are always bringing in new rescues and they are always infested with fleas.  Capstar                       enables us to kill any live fleas on the cats within a short period of time and is necessary for us to keep the fleas                 under control.

     ADVANTAGE FOR CATS - fleas are a constant problem as we are continuously bringing in cats.  Ongoing flea                         treatments are necessary.  

​     COMFORTIS (or similar product) - this is a pill that is used for 30-day flea control instead of Advantage and necessary         for those cats that are not able to be handled yet, but still need to be treated for fleas.

     VIRBAC KNOCKOUT SPRAY - This is the most effective area spray for flea control and can be found on Amazon as well       as other sites on google.

 Things We Always Need:
     Wet/Dry Cat Food (Indoor formula - chicken or turkey varieties)
     Wet/Dry Kitten Food (Fancy Feast - chicken or turkey varieties)
     Plastic take-out dishes for our outside colonies (like from Passariello’s or Chinese Food)

     Large plastic or metal dishes for water (the bigger the better)
     Cat Beds (washable please)
     Kitty Litter (clumping, preferably World’s Best Cat Litter)
     Litter Pans covered or non-covered (or plastic storage containers at least 6” H, max. 12” H - any size)
     Scratching Posts / Cat Trees (any size) (if you need pick-up please contact us)
     30-gallon plastic trash bags
     13-gallon plastic trash bags
     Paper Towels
     Mr. Clean all purpose cleaner
     Thick gardening gloves (for handling feral cats)
     Laundry Detergent for bedding and beds (unscented if possible and not Tide as it contains carcinogens)
     Potty Pads (training pads - extra large size for cage liners and "accidents" - the cheapest extra large pads can be                 found at Walmart)

Helpful Things:
     Cat Hammocks (that can clip inside a cage)
     Cat TeePee or some sort of “house” as ferals need to hide
     Old bed sheets (any size, any type)

Occasional for special situations:
     KMR Formula (milk replacement for kittens)
     Kitten Bottles

     48” double door as we use these to build large “cat condos” for rehabilitating feral cats as well as quarantine                       condos for cats who are either sick or recovering from surgery.